Balram Harir Ashram (Hermitage) – Tourism Info

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Balram Harir Ashram (Hermitage)

On the bank of the Bhairab River near Meherpur town, there is a variegated building which is known as Balram Harir Mandir. Each arm of the square building is about 4.54 metres extended outside. The walls are about 1 metre wide. Each arm inside the interior part of the building is about 2.72 metres long. It is assumed that   this monastery-shaped building was constructed in the 19th century. Balram Hari who was born in 1825 was a spiritual leader of the low Hari community. He was very loud against exploitation of the Brahmmin on low cast Hindu community. Still Hari community people  attend the grand festival which is held here for three days every year.

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