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Kalimuddin Shah’s Akhra (Meeting Place)

Kalimuddin Shah who was born at Jadabpur village on the west bank of Bhairab of Meherpur district was a well-known Baul contemplator. Kalimuddin Shah’s Akhra (meeting place) is situated on about 5 acres of land   which is known in the area as Kali Fakir’s monastery. Every year for three days, 14th Bhadra (29 August), 30 Falgun (13 March) and 27 Chaitra (10 April) gatherings of Baul Fakirs from native and foreign countries take place there. Childless Kalimuddin Shah aka Kali Fakir died on 27 Chaitra 1391 (10 April, 1985 AD). He was laid at the centre of the Akhra that he made.

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