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Mujibnagar Smriti Saudha (Memorial)

The Mujibnagar Smriti Saudha (memorial) is located at Badyanathtala close to the Indian Border 16 kilometres away from the district town. This is the first provisional capital of independent Bangladesh. The first sovereign government was formed here on April 10, 1971. The Mujibnagar government took an oath on 17 April. The Mujibnagar Smriti Saudha is built on 20 acres of land surrounded by mangroves. The 23 triangular concrete pillars which were built as per the design of the architect Tanveer Naquib indicate symbols of exploitation and deprival of the people of this country during the Pakistani governance for 23 years. Bangladesh Tourism Corporation set up a motel in order to provide tourists with residential and catering facilities. On the occasion of Mujibnagar Day, various programnes are arranged here on 17 April every year.

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