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Stick Fight

It is learnt from history that in 11 century AD Divya Pal the spearhead of rebel Kaibatta of Barendra Bhumi (ancient Goura or North Bengal) used sticks as primary tools and occupied Gaur, the capital of the then Pala dynasty. There was no use of firearms in wars in Pak-Bharat subcontinent before 16th century. At that time usually sticks were taken in hand as a defensive measure. In movement against British Imperialism in 19th century AD, the fakirs and the monks chose sticks as weapons. The oppressed peasants stood against the indigo planters. Thus, the stick-fighting game has turned to be the oldest tradition of Bangla. Stick-fighting is still in vogue in Meherpur. The strategy and the dress of the stick-fighters can give pure pleasure.

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