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Hakaluki Haor (Extensive waterbody)

Hakaluki, which is rich in biodiversity in Asia continent and includes three upazilas Kulaura, Juri and Baralekha, is the largest Haor of Bangladesh. It is situated on the East of Baralekha upazila. It is 30 kilometres to the south-east of Sylhet and 40 kilometres to the north-east of Moulvibazar district town. And 40% of the area of Haor is included in Baralekha, 30% in Kulaura, 15% in Fenchuganj, 10% in Golapganj and 5% is in Bianibazar upazila. The area of the Haor is 181.15 square kilometres. The flow of water comes to the Haor from the Juri, Piyain, Kushiara, Kantinala. There are various hearsays about its naming. Many years ago the head of Kuki of Baralekha hid himself in the extensive bushy and marshy area because of the fear of army of Maharaj Omar Manikyo of Tripura. From this happening this area has been named as ‘Hangar Luki or Hankaluki’. According to another hearsay – about two thousand years ago, a devastating earth quake occurred, as a result, a king named Aka and his kingdom went under earth. And then in course of time, this subsided low land became known as ‘Dhakaluki or Hakaluki.’ Various species of plants grow in the permanent waterbodies of Hakaluki Haor. Every year about 200 birds of various species come here in winter. The true bird-lovers and observers come regularly to see the birds.

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