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Lawachhara National Park

This park is located on about 1250 hectares of land in Kamalganj upazila 30 kilometres away from the Maulvibazar district. Lawachhara forest area was declared the National Park in 1996. The stems of the trees grow much high without branches.  This is one of the rain forests. In this forest there are about 167 species of plants, 4 species of amphibians, 6 species of reptiles, 20 species of mammals, and 246 species of birds are there.  This forest is surrounded by some big and high hills. There are three walkways. This is the oldest of the 17 reserved forests in the county. This forest, which is naturally beautiful and full of diverse animals, has various species of trees and plants. Besides these, there are slow loris, gibbons, langurs, wild-fowls, leopards, and along with kul banar a good number of birds and animals of rare species. Lawachhara Khal (canal) is one of the attractions of the forest.

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