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Other Haors (extensive waterbodies)

There are seven big and small haors in seven upazilas of haor-surrounded Moulvibazar district.  Haor Kauadighi lies on the north of Rajnagar upazila. Hail Haor lies on the west part of Sreemongal and Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila. Hail Haor is one of the tourist sites of Sreemongal. Hail Haor is located on the west part of Sreemangal town, where it covers an extensive area. This Haor of Sylhet is known as the fish farm, and this Haor becomes resounded by the sweet and melodious notes and chirpings of thousands of migratory birds.  Besides these, Kaula Haor lies in Kamalganj upazila and another small Haor Kadaia   on the middle position between Rajnagar and Kamalganj upazila.

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