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Twin Temples

Raigram is a very old human habitation and is situated on the bank of the Nabaganga River in Narail Sadar district. It is learnt from history that the house of Menahati alias Mrinmoi Ghosh who was the commander-in-chief of the great mighty Sitaram Raja was there. Menahati being killed by the enemies, his brother Narayan Ghosh in 1132 Bengali calendar year (1725 AD) raised the Jora Mandir (twin temple) in the shape of the Jorbangla Mandir of Sitaram. In front of the temple, there were three entrances in the shape of semi-circular arch. And next to it there was the veranda and again next to the veranda there was the lying-in- room. There are images of horse-like animals in upwards-running pose engraved above the entrance of the north-south side of the temples. There are engraved images of 15 gods in square pattern on the foundation of the tiles of the two temples east-west longwise.

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