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Bajra Shahi Mosque

This historical mosque stands in the village Bajra about 9 kms away on the north from Chaumuhani and at a little distance on the north-west from Bajra Rail Station under Begumganj upazila. Mughal sculpture styles are seen in this mosque. From the stone inscriptions of the mosque, it is learnt that during the rule of Emperor Mohammed Shah, a man of the name of Amanullah brought expert sculptors and engineers from Delhi and founded this mosque in 1741 at a cost of a big amount of money. On the east side of the mosque there are 3 entrances, and on the north and the south sides one entrance each and there are four octagonal minarets in four corners. On the west wall of the mosque there are three ornamented mehrabs and on the top there are three beautiful domes. Recently with the pieces of broken porcelain ornamental works have been done in the mosque and the domes.

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