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Old Mosque and Dighi of Sarail

The old mosque (named Arifile Mosque) is located in between two old ponds and a Mughlai pond which are about 3.5 kms away on the west from Sarail Bazar. This square mosque has four minarets in its four corners and the outer surface of the walls contains square holes in rows. Observing the sculpture and the artistic skills, the archeologists and historians have opined that it was built in the middle of the Mughal Period. On the south of the mosque there lies the burial ground in which there are a pair of graves and under the graves, a metalled tunnel is visible. The Archeological Department has declared the Arifile Mosque and the shrine as the protected archeological objects. Still now five times Azan (Muazzin’s call to congregational prayers) and Prayers are held in this few hundred years’ ancient mosque.

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