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Floating Market & Gardens of Vimruli & Aatghar-Kuriana

One of the largest guava groves of Asia has been developed at the meeting place of Jhalkathi, Barisal and Pirojpur districts. The guava groves have developed on a few thousand acres of land of 26 villages of these districts. Especially Aatghar, Kuriana, Adamkathi, Jindakathi, Adabari, Dolhar and Bastokathi areas are famous for guava production. Moreover, Binoykathi union of Jhalkathi distric is a great source of guava production.   About 20 thousand families of these areas are engaged in guava cultivation. The vast floating guava market on the surface water of Vimruli canal has grown depending on this produce. This market takes place everyday of the week in this zigzag canal of Vimruli village, which is 15 kilometres away from Jhalkathi district. The trading continues from dawn to dusk. Hundreds of boats loaded with guavas gather here and the wholesale traders come here with engine boats. They buy guavas and the consignment is sent to the major cities including Dhaka. About 80% of the total production of guava in Bangladesh is produced in different villages of Sharupkhathi. Every year in these months July, August and September guavas worth of taka several billion are produced and sold here. When the season of guava ends then the season of hog plum appears. The Hog plum is also produce in large quantity in this area. Lastly comes the betel nut season. Besides these fruits, different vegetables are the main produce here. Everyday many tourists come here to visit this floating market. They may like to watch the cultivation and collection process of the guava and other fruits by hiring a small boat at a nominal price.

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