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Momin Mosque

Momin Masjid an attractive installation of Pirojpur district.It is located at Udaytara Burirchar village on the Pona River of Mathbaria upazila. Maulvi Mominuddin Akan began the construction of the mosque in 1913. He collected Sal, Teak and Louhakath (Iron wood) from Assam Meghalaya, Tripura of India. 22 skilled carpenters worked for long 7 years relentlessly and built the mosque. No iron nor wire-nails have been used. The floor of the mosque is made of cement and though the roof made of tin, yet the entire wall of the whole mosque is made of wood .The engraved artistic beautiful ornamental work on all wooden infrastructure from the door sills and the shutters attract the tourists. The length of the mosque is 14 metres (46 feet), the width 7.5 metres (25 feet) and the height is 8 metres (26 feet). There is no second such mosque made of wood in Bangladesh. At present it is regarded as a preserved antique.

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