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Rayerkathi Zamnidar House

Rayerkathi is the name of a lonely human habitation only 3 kilometres away from district sadar. This dilapidated Zamindar Bari is the silent witness of the ruins surrounded by dark-green vegetation and the Banyan-trees. Virtually the present township grew through the settlement that began from Rayerkathi village. According to the historians, before development of civilisation, Pirojpur was a part of the deep Sundarbans, which was a part of Sealimbad Pargana (administrative unit). Hearsay goes about that Rudranarayan, a descendant of Moharaj Kingkor-one of Baro-Bhuya was bid in a dream, as a result, he came to that place of the Sundarbans and settled down. This Roy family cleared the thiclcets and began cultivating. As a result, after their name, it became known as ‘Royerkathi.’ This Zamindar House had guest houses, theatres, guard houses. There is a Kalimandir at the place of the ruined house now.

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