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Kaptai Lake and Hydroelectric Power Centre

This artificial lake was built by means of the construction of a dam in the river Karnaphuli in 1957 at the time of setting up the Hydroelectric Centre. The work of the Hydroelectric Power Project was completed in 1962.  Actually it is a multi-purpose project. Because of this project, navigation has been much easier, and the production of fish-resources has increased several times. The area of the artificial lake is 292 square miles and its average depth is 100 ft. This lake is connected with the Karnaphuli, the Kassalong and the Maini Rivers. In the upstream course of the river Kachalong and in the mouth of the river Longodur, the lake has widened extensively. Kaptai Lake is a very captivating and charming place for boat journey. The transparent mass of water of the lake and the wonderful beauty of the green hills easily attract the tourists.

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