Na’ Kaba Chhara and Pankhopara – Tourism Info

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Na’ Kaba Chhara and Pankhopara

Na’ Kaba Chhara (fountain) is located in Bilaichhari upazila. You can go to Bilaichhari by boat from the Kaptai Launchghat at Jotghat. The artistic beauty of the naturally flowing fountain can easily attract a tourist. You  can know here the real acquaintance of the tribal culture and tradition. Pangkhopara of Bilaichhari is another spectacular place of unique beauty of nature, surrounded by green forests. You can go to Pangkhopara by engine operated boat from Bilaichhari and it will take two hours’ time. You will find there the zigzag river courses and the abodes of Pankho communities on hill top. You can climb the hill-tops and the helipad and can enjoy the beauty of the nature.

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