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Peda Ting Ting

This private tourist organization is located on one of the hills of the Kaptai Lake, about 4-5 kms away from Rangamati town. A Segun Bagan of Balukhali has been turned into a tourist centre. ‘Peda Ting Ting’ is Chakma words which mean the belly is fully stretched out. Here other than tea, coffee, and chicken fry, local food ‘Bigal Bichi’ and tender bamboo curry ‘Kebung’ are available.  Besides these, the clothes, lungi, muffler, wrapper, gamchha, handkerchief etc. are made and sold by the people of the ethnic groups. Other than various foods for the tourists, there are traditional Tang Ghars( a high platform for living or shooting from a machan) for the tourists to stay in. As the tourist centre is in the lake, so one cannot go there without boats. Some wild animals are seen in this area.

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