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Rajban Vihara

Rajban Vihara comprises 33.5 acres of land and is located on hill-top about 3 kms away from Banarupa town. Rajban Vihara is one of the Buddha Viharas in the country. Though it is the place of pilgrimage of the followers of Buddhism, yet all people irrespective of caste, creed and colour can enter it. This Vihara is located in a calm natural atmosphere. In the Vihara there are big caves for meditation of the monks and various statues of the followers of Buddhism. Here the dead body of the religious preceptor Sadhanananda Mahasthabir (Banbhante) has been preserved for the devotees to see. In the Vihara, there are 4 temples, a Tapghar (a room for practice of ascetic austerities or austere worship of God), a rest house and a Tabtingsa. Moreover, a brass made big statue of Buddha is its main attraction.

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