Sahebganj Indigo Factory (Neelkuthi) – Tourism Info

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Sahebganj Indigo Factory (Neelkuthi)

The historic Neelkuthi (indigo factory) is located at Sahebganj 7 kms away from Faridganj upazila. It still today bears the testimony of the oppression of the indigo planters. The plan of this historic village and, roads and highways, canals that drain away water, metalled culverts, old brick-built houses, and the various relics of jail-custody testify that the European and the Dutch merchants developed it as an indigo farm for plantation. Then the European merchants collected some tailors who made loose dresses and dyed them in different colours, and then exported to foreign countries. Since then these foreign tailors had settled here permanently. Later on two Christian Zamindars Wariot and George Charles constructed a good number of roads for the development of this area.

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