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Chui Jhal Meat

Chui Jhal meat is the speciality of and repute in Shatkhira, Bagerhat, Khulna and the south-west  regions including Jessore of the country. In some regions, it is called Choi Jhal too. Chui is a kind of creeper. Its scientific name is Piper Chaba. Normally, it is planted at the foot of mango, blackberry , betel nut and coconut trees. Chui creepers creep up those big trees. The branch of chui plant or its trunk is chopped off into small pieces and is cooked with beef or mutton.  In many cases, it is cooked in fish curry. Chui tastes a bit hot but it does not taste as hot as pepper.  Meat cooked with chui jhal has a different kind of taste and flavour. It is very likeable to the voracious people. Centering on Chui jhal, hotels have been set up in some places including Patkelghata of Satkhira. Chui is not only a spice but also a kind of herb. Its roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits are used in the treatment of various diseases. It is beneficial to cure gastritis, constipation and loss of appetite (anorexia) and to increase the taste of food. Besides, it is effective to mitigate and cure physical pain, cough and cold, mental excitement including mental inconstancy Chui jhal is sold for Tk. 200-500 per kg at Satkhira Barobazar and Patkelghata and in different other bazaars including Tala, and Kaliganj upazila of the district. Apart from local markets of Satkhira, it is demanded in Jessore, Khulna including Dhaka of the country, and even it is widely demanded abroad too. When the tourists visit the places, they may take taste of the traditional Chui Jhal meat of Satkhira.

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