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Honey Collecton in Sundarbans

Collection of honey at the western region of the Sundarbans goes on for three months. The Mauals (honey collectors) with the permission from the Department of Forest go to the Sundarbans to collect honey. The honey collection occasion begins with some formalities, and at the very beginning, a prayer meeting is organised. After the prayer meeting, a piece of red cloth is bound around the hand of each Maual. It is the belief of Mauals that this piece of cloth will save them from dangers and difficulties especially from the paw of tigers. Then they wait in line with their boats. When the forest officer opens fire in the sky, then they start the boat for the forest. At the outset of the summer, bees collect honey from various flowers; make honey-comb on Bain, Pashur, Gewa, Keora (screw pine) and on other trees including Sundari. The honey collecting groups in the forest usually consist of seven to thirteen members. Any tourist may join any Maual group to go on an expedition in order to enjoy the honey collection thrilling sights.

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