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Ishwaripur Hammam and Bangshipur Shahi Mosque

Ishwaripur Hammam is located 5 kilometres to the south-east from Shyamnagar upazila in Shatkhira district. ‘Hammam’ is a Turkish word which means bathroom. In the Middle Ages this region was included in the Sundarbans. Nothing can be said for sure about the construction of the Hammam. As it clearly bears the similar construction style and ornamental work to those of the Mughal, it may be presumed that it was built in the beginning of the 17th century. This rectangular Hammam with three rooms has a dome on its roof. The three rooms are: anterior-bathroom, bathroom, and water reservoir & oven room. The trace of ornamental work of the Hammamkhana nowadays cannot be discovered. There was the system to supply hot and cold water to the Hammam. The construction materials were bricks and lime with brick-dust, and parched clay tubes of 2 inches diameter were used to supply water.

There stands a mosque built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar. This mosque is known as Bangshipur Shahi Mosque. The inner side of the mosque is divided into 5 separate square units, but they are attached to one another by the archway. These types of arrangements of rooms inside the building were not seen before in the architecture of Bengal. All the five rooms inside the building are dome-shaped and the middle room is larger. The parapet of the building is parallel to that of the Mughal tradition and style.  After Subadar Islamd Khan had subdued Raja Pratapaditya totally in 1612 AD, he employed an administrator to run the administrative functions, the administrator who was employed to run the administration perhaps built this mosque. Later on the mosque has been given a new shape after renovation and extension.

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