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Jahajghata Hammamkhana

Jahajghata Hammamkhana is located at Gopalpur 6 kilometres away from Ishwaripur. From the construction point of view, it appears that the hammam that contains the Mughal specialty was built in accordance with the Mughal plan. The length of the building is about 30.5 metre (100’). and the width is about 8.5 metre (28’). The building consists of five rooms. There is a well about 1.22 metre (4’). away from the south-east corner of the building. There are five rooms in the building which is north-south longwise. The well remains in the sixth additional room. In the Hammamkhana, there are rest room, dress change room, make-up room and bathroom. There are two shallow water reservoirs in the restroom and in the anterior-bathroom each. The roof of the Hammam is covered by the dome and in the ornamental design panel and niches have been used.

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