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Nakipur Zamindar House

The Zamindar Bari (mansion) which is at present, ancient architectural evidence was founded at Nakipur of present Shyamnagar upazila in 1885 A.D by Roy Bahadur Haricharan Roy. The amount of land area of Zamindar Haricharan comprised two lakh acres of land. The total number of his Kachhari (Zamindar’s office for revenue collection) together with the Kachhari of Hingalganj thana of India, Kaliganj and Shyamnagar of Satkhira district was 27, and the chief revenue collector and the revenue collector of each Kachhari realized revenue from the tenants There goes hearsay that Bahadur (a title of honor equivalent to the Honorable) Haricharan Roy Chowdhury was a benevolent Zamindar to his tenants. Roy Bahadur Haricharan Chowdhury died in 1915 and then the management of the estate was devolved upon Satindra Roy Chowdhury and Jatindra Roy Chowdhury. After both of them had died, and the zamindary system being abolished in 1950, the descendants with their family members settled in Kolkata. This L-pattern zamindar house with 41 rooms exists now in a dilapidated state. But the marble stones of the room of the professional dancing girls and songstresses are still undamaged.

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