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Pancha Mandir (Five Temples)

From Satkhira Bus Stand, one can go by Rickshwa along Ashasunigami road leading to the terminal of the town where Mayerbari, a walled rectangular courtyard is found. On the courtyard lie five temples, namely: Kalimata Mandir, Shib Mandir, Kal bhairab Mandir, Anna Purna Mandir and Radhagabinda Mandir. Out of those, two are with flat roofs, two of them are with eight-part sloping roofs, and one is the upholder and possessor of the architectural style of Nabaratna (nine celebrated counselors of the court of Vikramaditya). The Nabaratana Temple is also known as Annapurna Mandir. One of its attractions is that it has its ornamental work of teracotta all over the walls. One Zamindar named Bishnuram Chakroborty built the temples in Bengali year 1201 (1798 A.D).

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