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Sonabaria Math Mandir (Temple)

Sonabaria is a frontier village of Kalaroa upazila. Evidences and testimonies of the zamindary system of two hundred years back are found scattered throughout Sonabaria. The Sonabaria Math-Mandir, as an upholder of old traditions as of today, bears evidence of ancient architecture. It has been learnt from various sources that Rani Rasmony built this temple in 1208 Bengali year (1901 AD). This huge temple was made of small but thin bricks and of terracotta slabs with artistic designs on. This temple is 18.3 (60’) high, 6.1 (20’) long, 4.6 (15’) wide and stands on 15 acres of land which is surrounded by a grove of mango trees, jackfruits trees, coconut trees, mahogany trees, and acacia trees. There is a large pond in front of the temple. Close to the eastern side of the temple, there are 12 houses north-south longwise, and there were 12 phallic symbols of Shiva, one in each room. Everyday visitors gather to see the temple.

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