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Shah Suja Mosque

Shah Suja Mosque has been surviving in Comilla for 352 years. Though there is difference of opinion about the naming, founder’s name, date of founding of the mosque, yet there is no doubt about it that this mosque is one of oldest mosques in Pak-Bharat subcontinent. This mosque was raised at Mughaltuli of Comilla town close to the river Gumti. Though this mosque is not a big one in size, yet its culture, history, tradition and its whole of the structure upholds its signs and symbols of aristocracy and nobility. It is assumed that this mosque was constructed in 1658. The central dome is bigger in size than the two other adjacent domes. Recently two rooms measuring 22 ft. at its two ends and in its front side a veranda measuring 24 ft. wide have been raised. As a result, the original shape of the mosque has been changed to some extent. A towering minaret has been raised on the north-east corner of the mosque. At present there is no stone inscription of the mosque. The front part of the mosque was well decorated and beautified with panel ornamentation and on the cornice was a battlement and on which there was a dome.

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