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Hason Raja’s home

A mystic poet and votary (austere endeavourer) Hasan Raja came of a Zamindar family at Laksansri village, Rampasha of Bishawnath Upazila of Sunamganj in 1854. His actual name is Dewan Hasan Raja Chowdhury. He was a God-loving, and he,  in the message of his song  called himself ‘Pagla Hasan Raja’ (devoted Hasan Raja),  ‘Udasi’ (indifferent to worldly interests), ‘Dewana’ (one who has renounced the world for the sake of God, ‘Baula’ ( a class of unorthodox religious devotees singing devotional songs in a special mode) and  so on. His paternal race/ family and the mother’s line both were the inhabitants of Ayodhya and followers of Hinduism, later they adopted Islam and came to Sunamganj and settled there permanently.

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