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Tanguar Haor (Extensive waterbody)

Tanguar Haor which is about 40 kilometres away from Sunamganj lies close to the foot of Khasia-Jaintia and the Meghalya hills of India. This Haor is extensive with 10 mouzas (small administrative unit) from Dharmapasha and Tahirpur of Sunamganj district. Every year about 200 species of birds come here. There are 120 Bils (marsh) of big and small size. It is one of the sources of fish resources in the country. 140 species of sweet water fish are available here. The natural beauty of the bils that pleases our eyes attracts tourists easily.  Of the other Haors, Nolua, Dhankunia, Dirai, and Shalla are noteworthy.

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