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Ali Amzad’s Clock

The gateway of Sylhet is close to the River Surma, where Ali Amzad’s famous Gharighar (clock-house) of Sylhet is located on the right hand side of the Keane Bridge. The diameter of this clock is 2 feet and a half, and the hands of the Ghari are 2 feet long. Ali Amzad Khan, the renowned Zamindar at Pritthm Pasha of Kulaura made this historical Ghari in 1874. The dome-shaped high clock-house was made of iron corrugated sheets on iron poles, and since then it has been known as Amzad’s Gharighar (clock-house). Until before the liberation war, the clock worked well. But during the liberation war, the bullet shots of the invading army destroyed the Gharighar. Of late, the clock has been repaired and modernized by the initiative of the Sylhet City Corporation.

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