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Jaflong stands in Gawainghat upazila 62 kilometres to the north-east from Sylhet town. Jaflong of Sylhet is known as the daughter of nature to the whole of the country. The fountain created by the flowing of the River Piyain originated on the Dowki hill at the foot of the Khasia Jainta hill across the border, has made Jaflong a wonderful pleasure ground of natural beauty. The heap of stones laid in layers on the bank of the River Piyain has made Jaflong attractive.  At the same time, because of the hanging Dowki Bridge, transparent and cold water of the river Piyain, high hills, deep forest, and pin drop of silence of this area irresistibly attracts the tourists. To enjoy such scenes, everyday native and foreign tourists come to the spot. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation has built restaurant and accommodation facilities here.

The appearance of Jaflong in winter and the rainy seasons are different. In the rainy season the dusty surroundings become transparent. On the greenish top of Khasia hill, the movement of patches of clouds like cotton and incessant rainfall at any time adds a new dimension. It is learnt from history that Jaflong had been a lonely forest for a thousand years under Khasia Jaintia Raja. After the abolition of Zamindary system in 1954, the kingdom of Khasia Jaintia came to an end. From a long time past, the businessmen used to come by water in search of stone. In 80s after the establishment of road communication of 55 kilometres from Jaflong to Sylhet, the pleasant, delightful and captivating beauty of Jaflong became known throughout the country. The foreign and domestic tourists, and side by side, the nature-lovers flock to Jaflong. Now, Jaflong is one of the greatest tourist spots.

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