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Cane Industry

Sylhet is famous for cane, and the cane furniture was made first in Sylhet in 1885. At present, the lion’s share of the demand of cane-furniture is supplied by Sylhet cane industries.  After meeting the domestic demand, at present the cane-made items of Sylhet are exported to the USA, and along with England, to many other countries.

Until 1926, huge amount of cane was available in the forest areas of Sylhet.  Now, as the local production of cane cannot meet the demand, cane is imported from foreign countries. About 20 years ago, by the initiative of Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC), a cane industry was set up in Ghasitola area of the town of Sylhet. But after some time that was closed. At present, many people by their personal initiatives play their roles for the expansion of this industry.

Now, about 50 varieties of cane-made items are produced in Sylhet. The mentionable articles out of these are cane-made magazine rakes, telephone chairs, sofa sets, bed sets, shoe-rakes, trolleys, tables, shelves, reading tables, rocking chairs, telephone tables, folding chairs, armed chairs, round coffee tables, corner sofas, easy chairs, dinning sets, tea trolleys, garden chairs, paper baskets, book selves, magazine baskets, dinning chairs, bungee tables, coat hangers, wicker stools, baby cots and so on.

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