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Life and Culture of Khasia people

Khasias are born of Mongolian tribe. Their body skin is tanned, face and noses are flat. Their jaws are elevated; eyes are black, small, wide and short. They are one of the matriarchal clans of Bangladesh. Once upon a time these tribe people were gypsies. North-east India is their abode. Khashia Punji (village) are seen on plain and hilly land. The Khasia calls a village `Punji’. A punji is formed with 10 to 15 or more number of families and they choose the area where there are hill-hillock, and under woods. On the wooden and bamboo platform, they make their houses with bamboo fences or mud walls and thatched roofs. The varenda is used as a parlor. The kitchen is adjacent to the bedroom and the pound of the domestic hogs is nearby. The young men are not allowed to stay with females in the house. The young men stay together in a designated house. ‘Dorming’ is their favorite food.  Their main source of income is cultivation of betel and paddy. Their betel is called Khasia betel. Khasia betel grows nowhere but hilly area. Khasia villagers collect leaves and fruit juice and tend tea-plant, betel-nut, and orange-orchard. Wide changes have occurred in Khasia society due to modern civilisation. The matriarchal social system is gradually getting relaxed too.

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