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Sylhet Nagri Scripts

Sylhet Nagri Scripts are the upholders of the distinctive cultural tradition.  These are the personal assets of the Muslims of Sylhet. The then great and quality literature was written in these scripts which was amazing to the researchers and the linguists. The subject matter of the books written in Sylhet Nagri Scripts mainly are Prayer, Fasting, Haj, Zaqat, Islamic history, traditions, stories and modes of classical music, Baul songs, and mystic songs. So far, 140 books have been found including 88 books printed in Nagri alphabet. 14th century is regarded as the period for the introduction of Sylhet Nagri Scripts. On the other hand, some people think that towards the end of the 16th century the Afgam-Pathans, who came to Sylhet driven by the Mughal, created these scripts. There is another idea that the people of Sylhet driven by the Mughal created the scripts and literature as alternatives to the Bengali full of Sanskrit created by Fort William College. Sylhet scripts and literature had usage and appreciation in greater Sylhet, Kachhar, Karimganj, Mymensingh, Kishoreganj, and so on.

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