Manipuri Rajbari (Manipuri Royal Residence) – Tourism Info

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Manipuri Rajbari (Manipuri Royal Residence)

Raja Gomvir Singh’s memory related bungalow-shaped Manipuri Rajbari that was built in 19th century at Mirza Jangal of Sylhet, is one of the remains of ancient sculptural achievement. There is a temple close to it, wherein worship is performed for Radha Krishna. Innumerable devotees attend the magnificent Ras-ut-sob (festivals of dancing of Krishna and Radha on the full moon night of the month of Kirtik) and Jhulan Yatra (Hindu festival of swinging). The relics of the long ancient main gate, the boundary wall, the stairs of charming artistic design and the Balakhana (upper storey) are found to exist.

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