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Museum of Rajas

This museum was founded at Zindabazar, heartland of Sylhet in order to commemorate the renowned mystic poet Hason Raja (born in 1854) of Sylhet and the other members of his family. The valuable useful things (articles) and the manuscripts of Dewan Hason Raja and Dewan Eklimur Raja Chowdhury are lying with it. The greatest attraction of the museum here is the small edition of the holy Quran measuring the size three-fourths of an inch by one inch. Beside these and out of other things, the horse belt of Hasan Raja, the list of the names of tame birds and elephants, his used utensils made of marble and silver, and the useful things of his wife etc. are lying there. This mystic poet breathed his last on December 7, 1922.

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