River cruise in the Surma and the Piyain River – Tourism Info

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River cruise in the Surma and the Piyain River

The Surma is a tributary of the Borak River which rises in Lusai hill of India. In the rainy season the Surma becomes flood-prone but in the dry season boat journey in the river is very comfortable. The Piyain flows close to the foot of hills adjacent to Jaflong of Sylhet. It is known as the Sari River too. The Umgot River that springs in India flows into Bangladesh by the side of Sylhet near Shongram Border Post. When the river flows into Bangladesh, it gets divided into two tributaries of which the main tributary flows by the name Piyain and the other one flows by the name Dauki or Jaflong. The total length of the Piyain River is about 145 kilometres. There are 22 bends on about 80 kilometre long waterway from Jaflong to Chhatak. As the Piyain is a hilly river, the hilly stream of water comes down and flash flood occurs there. With the flood water, it carries a huge amount of stones and sand from upstream. Journey in this river is delightful.

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