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Zamindar Bari of Rupsa

The history of the traditional zamindar family is associated with the glorious history of the Rupsa village 5 kms away from Faridganj. In the early part of 19th century, Mohammed Ali Gazi founded this Zamindar family. In real meaning, Ahmed Gazi the able son of Mohammed Gazi proved himself through social welfare activities as a social welfare worker. Bounty and charity were the traits of his character. He gave a lot of land as charitable grant for the social welfare activities especially for Muslim religious purposes. Of his charitable grant of land for Muslim religious purposes, the Dighi of Lautali deserves mention. He founded a good number of schools and madrasas. He was very religious minded. He gave grants generously and bounteously for propagation and expansion of Islam. The ancient Jam-e-Mosque at Rupsa was founded by him. From the philanthropic-activities point of view, the Chaudhury Mosque and the Choudhury Ghatla of Chandpur are the unique instances of the Zamindar House of Rupsa.

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